New City Design

Chicago Looks: Genuine Love

Source: New City Design
By Isa Giallorenzo
January 22nd, 2013


Stylist and online clothing shop owner Matt “Gaudy God” Kasin was taking care of business downtown.

What’s your style philosophy?
Fashion is my religion. It saves me from the everyday mundane.

What’s your approach to fur?
I like fur, I wear fur… faux and real, mostly vintage, but I would buy it new if the piece felt right. I don’t like to give the idea of wearing real fur—too much power.

Is there anything you’d never wear?
I wouldn’t wear anything that felt contrived or unauthentic to my personal style. And I would never wear something for the sake of being ironic. I always genuinely love what I put on my body.

Where do you like to shop?
My favorite store is Kokorokoko in Wicker Park and I like shopping online late at night in a dark room.

What is the best trend you see happening next?
To quote Brittany Murphy… “I’ll never tell.”